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Mission Statement:

NINA - USA is fully committed to empowering nurses (RNs, LPNs/LVNs, NPs) to take control of their careers and livelihoods by providing the resources, support, and community needed to thrive as independent healthcare professionals.

We believe that every nurse has the potential to make a meaningful impact beyond the confines of traditional roles, and we're here to help you, if so desired, make that transition successfully.

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"We envision a future where nurses are empowered to provide personalized, high-quality care on their own terms, transforming healthcare into a more accessible, patient-centered experience for all."

About Us

Who We Are:

NINA, USA is a pioneering organization dedicated to supporting nurses in their journey towards independence and entrepreneurship. We understand that the traditional roles in nursing are not for everyone, and we aim to provide an alternative path that allows nurses to leverage their skills in new and innovative ways.

Our core objectives are:

  • Education: To offer resources and training that equip nurses with the entrepreneurial skills they need.
  • Networking: To create a community where nurses can connect, collaborate, and grow professionally.
  • Advocacy: To represent the interests of independent nurses at the policy level, ensuring their voices are heard.
  • Support: To provide a range of services, from mentorship to financial planning, that facilitate a smooth transition to independence.
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Our Team

Meet the passionate individuals behind NINA - USA, each bringing a unique set of skills and experiences to help you succeed in your independent nursing career.

Quinta Caylor

Founder and President, RN

A seasoned nurse and entrepreneur, Quinta founded NINA to fill the gap in resources and support for nurses seeking independence.

Tara Reinbolt

Board Member -Membership Services

With a background in human resources and people management, Tara is our membership services coordinator.

Amber Schuenemann

Board Member - Mentorship Services, RN

An experienced nurse educator, Amber leads our educational and mentorship initiatives.

Brooklyn Williams

Staff Member - Community Manager

As our community manager, Brooklynn is your go-to person for any questions about our programs and resources.

Our History

NINA was founded (under a different name) in 2018 in response to the growing number of nurses seeking opportunities outside of traditional healthcare settings.

Here is what we have done since:
Brought together 6 nurses to launch our Nursity app
2019: Restructured as we lost some board members to school and other obligations.
2020: Rebranded to Valorecare, a marketplace for professional caregivers. Launched and immediately paused due to Covid.
2021: Launched our first formal online coaching program, helping over 25 nurses in the first year.

2022: Relaunched as NINA, offering an online course and coaching program and a membership community.

2023: Partnered with financial and legal experts to offer specialized services to our members. Provided paid and unpaid coaching and mentorship services to 300+ nurses and close to 1000 coaching sessions at this time. Ran our first annual in-person conference as NINA.

2024: Looking to establish local chapters in five states, expanding our reach and impact.



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